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Training with JC Taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy is like taking a combination of classes all in one class. Having extensively trained in multiple disciplines, this has been my favorite so far.  Master Claudio's approach to teaching is very direct and simple by focusing on high percentage techniques and followed by controlled sparring. Everyone in his class (that I have rolled with) is very humble and is open to sharing technique and gave me insight to my progress. My martial arts journey has definitely has been improved with the time I had spent with him and I am a better person and martial artist for it.

- Randy Lastimosa

Well l love the instructor they are very helpful and very pleasant to the people and they are ver encourage to people not to give up l love Mr harrison he is a great teacher specially on sundays he said this is not yoga class this bootcamp! And carmen and mathew l have learn so much for a couples of month is hard but l can doing and david he is a very kind person and very helpful and the staff they are very sweet ! And l give 100 starts because l got back what l loss five years and it was motivation l feel great less medication and less angry l have back my conference back ! So l recommend to go to the jc academy taekwondo kickboxing academy it will change your whole life!

- Carmencita Torres

Have been part of the JC Taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy for over a decade now. Our daughter Veda just became a Black Belt after years of wonderful effort and discipline. Thank you to the hard working staff and the dedicated and amazing teachers! Priya

- Priya Gopinath

The best taekwondo and kickboxing school in town

- Farouk Sheikh

Absolutely , my son loves this sport because of his Masters and the friendly staff....we are blessed to be one of JC Taekwondo members

- Маряан Гамиль

I'm very happy with all the Master's and Master Claudio for bring great opportunity for children in Jersey city. My son enjoys and I'm proud of him for all he has done so far Keep doing a great Job Xavier!

- Tanya Molina

Its a great place with great people. My nephew who is 5 years old just started attending about 4 weeks ago and he loves it.

- Denise Mendez

My son has enjoyed his time here with his friends while acquiring discipline.

- Dinorah Arguinzoni 

Mr claudio is me juan pablo rodriguez you're student when u was on top of helens pizza god bless u sir...

- Juan Pablo 

My lil power ranger in training loves his class and masters.

- Gianna Akiko Garcia

Great Teaching I've gotten some great moves along my journey

- Lloyd Daley

Master Claudio is the greatest Martial Arts teacher. He is brilliant! JC TKD - #1 in NJ

- Neil Arruda

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