Call us: 201-333-1006

 Call us: 201-333-1006

Kickboxing Program

Forget The Gym!

Designed by Master Claudio in 1993 and to this day there is no program at any gym that can match it. Master Claudio takes fitness to an entirely new level. Taking martial art based techniques and adding the fundamentals of kickboxing has turned normal men and women into super fit fearless fight specialists.

Our Kickboxing program is the #1 form of exercise among adults today. It's an exciting, fast-paced workout that is perfect for building cardiovascular endurance, building strength, toning muscles and enhancing bone density.

Best of all, JC Kickboxing teaches you to defend yourself as you blast away inches from your waistline and tone every muscle in your body. Only JC Kickboxing instructors are Certified World Class Black Belts, so you get the best work out of your life Our instructors will have you burning 1000 calories as you learn serious self-defense techniques.

All classes are for adults only

You wear regular workout clothes

No belts or uniforms required

No physical contact

No experience necessary



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